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trnd member aaronay

Having recently joined trnd in January and based in our UK office, I’m learning about WOM from the ground up on top of helping the Project Managers throughout their campaigns during my internship here. I’m really enjoying working alongside great products and seeing just how much hard work goes into each of our campaigns!

Year of birth


Joined trnd

January 2015


I try to squeeze a run in a couple of times a week to get a few extra calories burned off as I also really enjoy cooking and finding new recipes. I love a good film, so you’ll probably find me scouring Netflix for something new to watch.

Aaronay is listening to

Podcasts! I love the BBC film podcast and listen to that religiously on my runs. I’m also a fan of “This American Life”. Music-wise, I’m somewhat of a more passive listener – whatever you want to put on is cool by me!

Aaronay is currently reading

“The Left Hand of Darkness” – which was described to me as “feminist science fiction featuring a race of genderless, androgynous aliens”. I’m 24% through it and it has me hooked.

Aaronay is currently watching

I’m rewatching House, as I did love that at the time. Very much looking forward to the next Seasons of House of Cards and Game of Thrones, too!

Aaronay is currently visiting

Mark Kermode’s film blog to keep me up to speed with the film industry, as well as great opinions on the new releases that I can then pass off as my own to my friends.

Good trends?

TV shows releasing all their episodes at once. Makes cliffhangers so much easier to bear.

Bad trends?

Calling coleslaw "slaw".

And savoury flavours of popcorn. Popcorn should be sweet or salted. Not “Thai Chilli” or “English mustard” thank you very much.