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trnd member Becky

trnd member becky

I head up trnd UK, so it’s my job to ensure we run a ship shape operation here and always have lots of exciting and interesting projects, with cool brands, for you guys to enjoy!

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Joined trnd

March 2013


Meandering the hidden streets of London with a camera, whiling away the hours in the Tate or V&A and hunting for treasure in vintage markets and boot fairs. I also love to dabble in Millinery and never miss the chance to make and wear a pretty hat!

Becky is listening to

Anything and everything… especially on vinyl. My go tos are Pink Floyd for escapism, Fleetwood Mac for feeling and Bowie for dancing!

Becky is currently reading

Murakami is my favourite author and Kafka on the Shore my favourite book, but I also love the classics and LOVE collecting beautiful old books (I will have a library in my house one day).

Becky is currently watching

Unless it’s a period drama (or Masterchef, or Grand Designs) I tend not to watch that much TV, but I love film. I’m envious of anyone yet to watch The Usual Suspects, Indiana Jones is a guilty pleasure I am not ashamed of, Before Sunrise is beautiful and True Romance… YOU’RE SO COOL!

Becky is currently visiting

Wikipedia. I am the world's biggest geek.

Good trends?

Flat shoes, independent stores, locally sourced everything.

Bad trends?

Cookie Cutter anythings.