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trnd member Hayleymarieward

At trnd since July 2017 at the UK branch in London, as a Graduate Marketing Intern.

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July 2017


I don't tend to stick at the same thing for a decent amount of time, I used to do Karate, tennis, guitar, and I'm now a slight health and fitness addict. Although, I guess my love of cooking has been present throughout all of my phases!

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Just joking, I can never decide on which genre is my favourite, I guess a good indie hit will always be a winner.

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As a child I was addicted to Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl, I couldn't put a book down up to the age of around 12. At uni I'd been reading linguistics article after linguistics article which, to be honest put me off of the whole reading game! I'm intent on getting back into it though.

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Love a good period drama, I have a guilty pleasure for Reign on Netflix which is so historically in accurate it hurts... Homeland and Suits are by far my favorite Netflix series though!

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Vice magazine is always a winner, and of course I love a bit of Cosmo.

Good trends?

Farm shops with great ingredients, historic towns with amazing architecture, Winchester pubs on Christmas Eve, a perfectly poached egg.

Bad trends?

Cloves, cracked yolks, an uneven finger nail, impatient crowds of people.