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At trnd since early 2011 and based at our global headquarters in Munich as the Head of Operations UK.

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May 2011


I've had my fair share of hobbies in the past, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Golf, Sailing. You name it, I've probably done it! None of these stuck for long however - I get bored easily and love the challenge of something different.

Jonny is listening to

Literally, as I am writing this - Foo Fighters Sonic Highways! Dave Grohl and the guys never seem to make a bad record, even if it is only every few years!

What's up next on the jukebox I hear you ask! Mumford & Sons - I don't think I'll ever get bored of listening to them, even if some people do say their songs all sounds the same.

Jonny is currently reading

...not much! I'll be honest, I'm not a big reader. As of writing this, I'm about halfway through 'Steve Jobs'. It's taken me a little while (a few holidays here and there), but it's a great read if that's your kind of thing. Anyway, enough of the review - I think I'll stick to audio books from now on.

Jonny is currently watching

Anything on Netflix - it seems to have it all! House Of Cards, The Walking Dead.

Jonny is currently visiting

You'll find me on BBC sport getting updated on the latest transfer gossip or if I fancy a little chuckle.

Good trends?

Cider in Summer & Christmas in Somerset.

Bad trends?

The London Underground! It finally got too much for me when whilst awkwardly stuffed into a carriage one rush hour commute I heard: “Do you know that in here we're in a more confined space than is legal for most European battery farms”.