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trnd member adam

I joined the trnd UK team at the beginning of July. It’s my role to venture into the big wide world and speak to brands about the awesome power of trnd – helping our client portfolio grow and ensuring our trndsters get the best possible brand experiences. Do you know of any brands or products you think would be perfect for a trnd experience? Why not drop me an email at

Let’s be awesome together!

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July 2017


Cooking is a real passion, along with travelling. I’ve both Italian and Irish heritage so I’m pleased to be able to take a passion for great food from at least one side of the family! I love baking my famous lasagne for friends and family with super mature cheddar for the sauce and fresh ground steak. It’s a great sharing meal and I always use up any veggies hanging around in the fridge. I also use a very unusual not-so-secret ingredient introduced to me by my Italian Grandma… a pinch of cinnamon in the tomato sauce. Try it!

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Depends on my mood and what I’m up to. If I’m at my desk with a lot to do then I flick between Kisstory and Absolute. I’ve a great digital radio app in my car that picks-up internet radio from around the world meaning long road trips really can transport us to exotic locations! Driving to the beach listening to summer tunes from the Caribbean is great… until we arrive on the South coast and it’s raining :(

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I’ve just finished a series of six books by Ben Aaronovitch in the Rivers of London series. As a teenager I was a big fan of the late great Sir Terry Pratchett and the Rivers of London series are just a bit more a grownup. Think a modern day Met policeman given an apprenticeship into a little-known division that only deals in ‘really weird stuff’. And a lot of weird stuff can happen around the rivers of London. It’s great escapism on a daily commute to trnd HQ.

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I really enjoyed the series Versailles when it was on TV and can’t wait for the next season. There was a time when it was airing at the same time as the BBC drama The Musketeers so I got a double whammy of period French drama. I love anything with some historic action, even if it’s not totally accurate. Black Sails was also a great series and I binge-watched three seasons on Amazon Prime. It made me want to be a pirate.

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Social media and the BBC News app. I’m a bit of a news geek and the BBC app on my iPhone is my go-to as soon as I wake up and the last thing at night. I particularly enjoy the app’s magazine content and the Inspiring Stories channel that the BBC are great at curating. The world can be such a noisy and busy place, it’s good to just sit and absorb an inspiring story of courage, generosity or reaffirming human kindness.

Good trends?

Harnessing technology for good. Take drones for example, they are brilliant for taking stunning videos but awesome when used for emergency rescue, to detect radiation or to carry lifesaving supplies to disaster areas. We may not be wearing spacesuits or eating our dinner in a pill, but just think of the totally amazing stuff that we now take for granted that were only dreams just 10 years ago.

Bad trends?

People watching life through a lens. The old joke has never been truer: ‘Did you have a good holiday?’ Asks the friend of a traveller who just returned home. ‘I don’t know yet’ was their reply, ‘I’ve not had my photos developed’. See life and live life.