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trnd member Olly

trnd member olly

A new addition to the UK team, I joined trnd in June 2016 as junior project manager. This means I get to roll up my sleeves and get fully involved with some amazing brands, and more importantly, the great people behind them.

Year of birth


Joined trnd

June 2016


When it comes fitness, it has to be Muay Thai boxing, I’ve tried lots of sports but nothing has ever had me hooked quite like this. I also love to cook up a storm in the kitchen, it’s always great to experiment. Whilst occasionally, this ends in catastrophe, more often than not I wind up with something I’m rather proud of. I’m a big dog person so whenever I can, I head down to the local rescue centre to volunteer walking the lovable pooches.

Olly is listening to

When I say I like anything, I genuinely mean it. The next three songs on my current playlist are; Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni… because everyone needs some soothing classical in their life. Mumford & Sons – Believe… A cocktail of Folk and African music – what’s not to love?! Leon Bridges – Twistin & Groovin’… the spirit of Ray Charles lives on.

Olly is currently reading

Admittedly, I’m not a massive reader. I recently picked up ‘Into the Wild’ by John Krakauer again which is a great read for the inner child in everyone. Besides that I generally check in to news sites such as Fast Co. and Marketing Weekly. As a member of trnd I like to keep on top of business and marketing trends and these sites help me out no end!

Olly is currently watching

In short, too much. UFC fight nights, the Euro 2016 football, GoT, Peaky Blinders and pretty much any film at the Box Office.

Olly is currently visiting

BBC News, BBC Sport, BBC Good Food… a trend is emerging here! I’m also a self-confessed YouTube junky.

Good trends?

Microbreweries, The Rock Clock™, Fashionable running trainers – comfy style is my kind of style, Bluetooth headphones... no more wires to spend hours untangling!

Bad trends?

Selfie sticks, Audience members filming gigs, Glamorization of Reality 'Stars', Xbox addictions, Man buns – need I say more?