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Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at trnd AG. In charge of campaigns and the further development of the trnd platforms. Prior to trnd, Rob founded an agency for digital communications, where he was Creative Director, working with clients such as smart, Burger King and Intuit. Before this he also founded an online finance platform, working as Chief Technical Officer. Rob has a broad knowledge of internet business, as well as traditional and interactive marketing.

Year of birth


Joined trnd

Autumn 2004


Sleeping, reading, running and making music (e.g. at reibach.co.uk).

.rob is listening to

Good music regardless of music style, for example Röyksopp, Freezepop, Korn, Dave Brubeck, Esbjörn Svensson, Arvo Pärt, Frank Zappa, Ensemble Modern, Webern, Varese, Bach, Black Sabbath.

.rob is currently reading

Sound on Sound, Lord of the Rings and a lot of marketing and psychology literature (preferrably as eBooks on my iPad kindle).

.rob is currently watching

Big Bang Theory, King of Queens, Cooking Shows and programs where I can fall asleep without missing the content.

.rob is currently visiting

Very little. No news sites, no Facebook. I prefer to read my self-selected feeds in my Flipboard app on the iPad.

Good trends?

E-books, organic food, collaborative marketing, Ubuntu, Kiva, Tesla, listening to music on vinyl, looking forward to flying cars!

Bad trends?

More and more electrosmog, people staring at smartphones, brilliant people wasting their time at Silicon Valley startups building more and more picture-sharing platforms - where are the flying cars?!