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trnd guidelines

We’ve put together a few ground rules to enable honest, open and successful collaborative marketing projects. They apply to everyone in the trnd community – including the trnd team.

1. Only you decide

You alone decide which trnd projects you’d like to join in with and which products or services you want to spread the word about.

For projects that don’t interest you, don’t apply – simple!

trnd offers a wide spectrum of projects so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

2. Be open

All trnd members should let people know they’re taking part in a project with us and that that’s how they came to know about the product they're talking about.

Stay open and honest, give your genuine opinion and mention our trnd project.

3. Be real

When you’re spreading the word about a trnd project you don’t have to behave any differently to how you normally would – strictly no “sales talk” required – just naturally let others know your opinions and recommendations.

4. Be honest

It should really go without saying, but only honest word of mouth can work. This means never concealing our position or exaggerating our opinions.

The same applies for us. We will never run projects with products we’re less than 100% convinced by.

5. Be responsible

As a trnd member you’ll often hear about new products and product ideas before most other people. This means sometimes we’ll be discussing confidential information, which we want you to keep under wraps.

6. Keep your ears open

Word of mouth is a two-way road. Your friends and family will form opinions about the products for themselves. We want you to keep your ears open, collect the opinions from those around you and feed them back to us.

7. Communicate

trnd projects can only work if we keep in touch with you regularly and receive your feedback. We want to receive both positive and negative feedback – your honest opinion is important to us. This way we can keep finding cool projects for you to be involved with.

8. Have fun!

The main thing about a trnd project is that it should be fun! You’ll get to know lots of great products and will be able to pass on info to those around you.

9. We’ll support you along the way

If you happen to find your favourite product featured in a trnd project and would like to spread the word about it then we’ll support you however we can.

We’ll provide you with everything you need – the product itself, all sorts of info about it and an almost-around-the-clock service to make sure your queries, criticism and praise go to the people behind the brands.

If you’re still not a trnd member, why not register now and give it a go?!

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