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Dear trndsters,

We love it when as a community we can laugh together, speak frankly, create good ideas and discuss matters constructively. That‘s why we have a few community rules that we like to live by:

1. Be friendly

Always be friendly and respectful towards other trnd members, this means we can guarantee fair communication and a nice atmosphere. Abusive Language, bullying and curse words/insults will not be tolerated and we will delete any that we see.

5. Expect answers in due time

We want to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Sometimes, though, we might take longer to respond because we need to gather or consolidate information first. If we take a little longer than usual then please be patient, an immediate response isn‘t always possible. Our regular office hours are 9-6 Monday to Friday so we will take longer to respond if your message comes in the evening or over the weekend.

In the interest of all our trnd members, we reserve our rights to delete comments or posts that violate our community rules. We may suspend or exclude members from our community if they infringe the community rules.

2. Give criticism in a constructive and fair manner

A lively exchange of ideas calls for divergent opinions and points of views, therefore tolerance is key. Criticism is welcome, as long as it is given in a constructive and fair manner and contributes to improving concepts, projects and products.

3. Remain on topic in discussion

In order to achieve the best possible results, each comment or post should be on topic and remain close to the issue of the original article. Posts or comments containing SPAM or advertisement will be deleted without notification. Our goal is to ensure a successful exchange of ideas, therefore we are happy about all comments and posts that meaningfully complement or enrich an article contentwise.

4. Protect the rights of others

Please ensure that pictures, photos or other uploaded files are not copyright protected and do not violate the rights of others. Be sure not to post personal data of others (such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers etc.) on our platform.

Thank you! Your trnd team

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