About trnd

what-is-trnd trnd represents a whole new way of making great products and services well known, and an end to the endless bombardment of adverts. That’s because we, the customer, spread the word about brands we love, to people we know will love them too. Sound interesting? Get involved!

There are trnd projects for a plethora of products and services, from beauty products to cars, chewing gum to drinks, household appliances, mobile phones or even holidays.

Optional, free of charge and a whole lot of fun.

trnd members selected to be part of a project team will receive insider information about the products involved and often the product to try out too. It's then over to us to share our experiences with friends, family and colleagues and help grow the product into a household name through good old word of mouth. Not an annoying advert in sight!

Advantages for trnd members.

Becoming a trnd member will turn you into a real insider.

You’ll be among the first to find out about new products and cool trends and you can help shape their development by sharing your opinions with the brands and product developers. You’ll also get to try out new products – sometimes even before they appear on the shelves - and can tell your friends all about them to ensure that your favourite products become the talk of the town!

Advantages for companies.

With trnd, companies cut out the middle man and work with the exactly right people (those who are interested in their product), enabling them to do away with forking out huge budgets for ads and instead invest their money in the development of cool products and concepts, safe in the knowledge that their customers already love them.

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