FAQs for members.

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that are specific to trnd members. If you think something is missing just fire through an email – we’ll get back to you right away and will update the FAQs accordingly!

Joining our projects

Which projects can I join in with?

In principle all trnd members are able to be a part of all “collaborative marketing”, particularly when it involves giving opinions on new products and sharing your experiences with the manufacturers. Depending on what topics interest you, you’re able to participate in many trnd checks as well as discussions on the project blogs.

What’s more, if you receive an application ticket then you are able to try out the product on behalf of all trnd members. Every member’s point of view is important - whether you’re selected or not and this is down to one simple fact:

As trnd members we want to use our opinions to have a direct influence on the developers and brands. It is our aim to revolutionize marketing processes so that, as consumers, we have an active effect on marketing, rather than being passive spectators (like with radio or TV adverts). We’re able to send our opinions directly to the manufacturers, and by recommending products (word of mouth) we can have a say in which products we’d like to see more of in the future.

How do you select participants for the testing phase of a project?

You can apply for a trnd project as soon as you have received an application ticket (the ticket will appear in your member area). The application itself consists of a few multiple choice questions and a text box or two to fill in. We’ll then use this information to put together the best possible project team. Selection is made using an algorithm / quota system which is called the “Bucket Sort”:

Depending on what the market research criteria looks like for the relevant product we will define various groups (“Buckets”). One group could consist of, for example, trnd members who have already used the product, while a second group could be those who haven’t yet tried out the product. The two groups could then be split up into further sub-groups, dependent on age, location, etc. As soon as the groups are complete (often up to 10 groups) then we will define a potential allocation according to the market research criteria. This could be 10% from group one, 20% from group two, etc…

Next, we’ll take a look at things such as experience and how long you’ve been with us: each project team will be made up of a percentage of members who’ve been with us a long time, plus a percentage of completely new members.

It goes without saying that we take a look at what you’ve written in your application. Depending on the project requirements, “Fans”, “Non-users” or “Members critical of the product” may be important to be taken into the project team.

And finally: if there are simply too many members equally suited to being given a space in the project team in the various groups (“Buckets”) - which is often the case – then we’ll select members at random. That means there is always a good deal of luck involved in making it onto the practical phase of a project. Often we have a limited number of Starter Kits so it could mean that even an extremely strong application isn’t enough to make it in. This is why our method of picking “the most suitable” members within the various groups is the fairest way of doing things.

Could you detail the exact criteria for making it onto a project team?

We’re unable to share the exact criteria for a few reasons…

  1. This could influence what you submit in your project application and lead you in the wrong direction. It is important in an application (and with trnd in general) to receive honest answers and opinions from all members. Don’t forget, it is not just fans of the products that we are looking for, but rather a selection of non-users and critical users, too.

  2. Every trnd project consists of a market research section where the manufacturer wants to look at, for example, product usage in various counties or opinions within different age groups. Sharing exact criteria would therefore strongly falsify scientific studies.

Am I able to pass my application ticket onto somebody else?

If you’re asking this question then you definitely possess the trnd spirit – we love your attitude! We’re all about fairness here at trnd.

In principle it’s a great idea. However in reality it’s not possible to transfer or pass on an application ticket to another member, we take many factors into account when selecting the perfect members to receive our application tickets (target group criteria, market research information, etc.) and this could be distorted by allowing the passing on of tickets.

But with your fair attitude you’re already giving somebody else a head start! By not applying for the project, you’ve increased the chances of a successful application for someone who really wants to be involved.

Have any further questions? Then send us an email.


What is a trndometr?

In trndometr surveys we identify what you (the trnd community) are most interested in. Here you can select what interests you and update this at any time. We’ll use the information you provide to find the most suitable projects for you – so your chances of receiving an application ticket will dramatically increase if you fill out our trndometr.

Important: It’s vital for you to share your honest opinions in our trndometr surveys – for example somebody who constantly marks every single thing as positive, isn’t that helpful. On some occasions the brand may request that we specifically target members who were unhappy with a certain product or members who have never used the product before - so it makes sense for you to tell us what you really think.

With this in mind you may find that you don’t receive a ticket for a project that you’re interested in. This is simply because the brand’s requirements can change from project to project.