Consent to the collection, processing and use of my data.

(Last updated: 1 February 2012)

trnd is aware of the sensitive nature of personal data and takes steps to protect privacy when collecting and processing personal data of users. Personal data is collected, processed and used in compliance with the statutory provisions.

trnd will not disclose the personal information to third parties, not even if you take part in a trnd project. In this case, neither will the company with which we manage the trnd project receive any personal data. We use personal data to send you products and information for certain trnd projects and to inform you of other events at trnd. The exception to the disclosure of personal data to third parties may arise due to existing statutory provisions or special agreements made with you.

1. I agree that trnd AG, Winzererstr. 47d, 80797 Munich (hereinafter referred to as "trnd") will collect my personal data and store, process and use it to establish, perform and carry out in particular my user agreement for the online platform "" and to send me goods as part of trnd projects.

Personal data may include master data (such as name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, user name, password) and user data (such as IP address, beginning and end of use, pages accessed).

I am aware that I am only required to supply the following information when registering:

  • A made-up name of my choice to serve as a user name (hereinafter "alias");
  • A password of my choice;
  • My e-mail address;
  • My first name and last name;
  • My address;
  • My gender;
  • My date of birth;
  • My marital status;
  • Whether or not I have children;
  • My profession;
  • My vocational training or school education;
  • Whether or not I am a member of a club.
    Additional personal data is not required in order to register.

The use of the trnd platform enables the voluntary use of a variety of services, such as taking part in surveys. I am aware and agree that trnd will process and store information supplied when using these services, such as my rating of a product, and link it with my alias.

I may volunteer further information such as preferences or the number of my friends and acquaintances when taking part in surveys on the trnd online platform. The information I supply will depend on the survey I take. I am aware and agree that trnd stores, processes and uses such additional data to my alias, in particular in order to select participants for trnd projects.

2. I agree that trnd will make publicly available my alias from my profile and all content I publish on the trnd online platform, such as comments on products, product ratings, ratings of contributions by other users, discussion entries, images, and audio and video files in discussion threads. Other users may read this information without my knowledge. I am aware that I have the option to make my ratings public or private. If I make a rating private, it will not be displayed for third parties (other users).

My public profile merely contains my alias and the date of registration or duration of membership. My public profile does not contain further personal details. Third parties are not able to view other master data than these in the public profile, unless I provide this information myself, for example by way of a public blog or forum entry or a public report.

3. I am aware that I may delete any data I volunteered and which exceeds the information required as per Clause 1 (e. g. user name, first and last names, address) by using the relevant function in my trnd profile. I am also aware that I may deregister my user account at any time, and that the personal data I stored will be deleted immediately if there are no legal, contractual or statutory obligations or rights to the contrary to keep records.

4. I agree that trnd provides search functions for users of the website which allow the content that I have published on the trnd platform to be found (e. g. comments and ratings).

5. I agree that other users may in turn rate and comment on all of the comments and ratings published by me, and that their comments will likewise be published. trnd ensures that the rules on commenting contributions, as set down in the general terms and conditions, are observed and that infringing comments are deleted.

6. I agree that trnd will use all of the personal data I stored, such as my address or the number of my friends and acquaintances, to select me as a possible participant for a particular trnd project and will send me a corresponding application ticket.

7. By using the function "Invite members", I can send an e-mail notification to third parties to draw their attention to the trnd platform and invite them to become members.

I agree that in the event the invitee registers with the trnd platform, trnd will store and process the date of registration as well as the fact that the invitee was invited by me.

I am aware and agree that if I was invited by another trnd member through the "Invite members" function and registered through the link sent to me, trnd will also store the following information: The date of registration as well as the trnd member who invited me.

8. I am aware and agree that trnd will analyse my activities on the trnd online platform and my activities or feedback, which I report to trnd through the trnd online platform, for the purpose of establishing a rating by using a rating point system (trnd "Wombats"). I am also aware and agree that the condition of a test product provided for me for testing, and which I am obliged to return to trnd after the project, will be included in this analysis at trnd.

9. I agree that trnd collects, processes and uses my user data, also by means of cookies. Cookies are small identifiers sent by the webserver to my browser and stored on my computer. Cookies are used, among other things, for providing a personalised greeting with my user name. Information obtained by trnd with cookies is used exclusively for the purpose of adapting and developing the offer to my requirements as best as possible. I am aware that I may configure my browser so that it notifies me prior to accepting cookies or so that it no longer accepts cookies. In this case however, some parts of the website may no longer function properly.

10. I agree that trnd records my IP address for the purpose of verifying my identity when I publish content on the Internet portal. I agree that trnd utilises IP addresses to perform statistical analyses to administrate and optimise the website. The IP addresses are not linked with identifiable personal data.

11. I agree that trnd may create user profiles using pseudonyms for the purpose of analysis, market research or to adapt the trnd online platform for ease-of-use. I may object to the creation of such user profiles. In accordance with the provisions of Sec. 15(3) Telemedia Act, trnd will not combine the created user profiles with data on the bearer of the pseudonym.

12. I agree that trnd will process and use my e-mail address for the following purposes if I have given my express consent: • For sending invitations to trnd projects
• For sending information during a project
• For sending general information about trnd
I can give this consent separately during registration or after registration (sign in to the trnd members area, click on "My Profile", then go to e-mail settings and click on "Edit" to configure for preference).
I understand that I may cancel these e-mails at any time. I can only do so by configuring the settings as described above.

13. When sending products as part of trnd projects, it may be necessary for trnd to transmit my personal data to a trnd subsidiary or company of the trnd group – for example, from trnd AG to trnd Italia Srl. for a project in Italy. Therefore, I agree that in order to ship products as part of trnd projects, trnd will send my personal data to companies that belong or will belong to the trnd group (affiliated companies in the meaning of Sec. 15 et seq. Companies Act) online as a data transmission or offline stored on a data carrier, and that the recipient will process the data. These companies are subject to the same stringent data protection policies as trnd AG. These companies are not permitted to disclose personal data. The trnd group presently comprises the companies: trnd AG, Winzererstr. 47d, 80797 Munich, HRB 171131, trnd Ltd. 3.28 Canterburry Court Kennington Park, 1-3 Brixton Road, London, United Kingdom SW9 6DE, trnd Netherlands & Belgium, Asterweg 17A8, 1031 HL, Amsterdam, Netherlands, trnd France, 4 Cité Paradis, F-75010 Paris, France, trnd Spain & Portugal, Morales 21-27, 3º M, 08029 Barcelona, España, trnd Italy, Via Fabio Filzi 5, 20124 Milan, Italy and trnd Central Eastern Europe Kft, Dayka Gábor utca 3, 1118 Budapest, Hungary.

I may revoke this declaration of consent to trnd at any time effective for the future. By revoking my consent, the user relationship is ended.

Registered in Munich - Munich Registration Court - Company register no.: HRB - 171131 - Munich District Court - VAT number pursuant to Sec. 27(a) VAT Act: DE238390954 - Data Protection Officer: Michael Plankemann, activeMind AG, Potsdamer Straße 3, 80802 München - Management Board: Torsten Wohlrab, Guenter Lichtner, Robert Schlittenbauer. Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Arne Wolter.