Are you an influencer?

‘Influencers’ are the latest big thing in marketing, but where do you fit in? We thought we’d follow up on last week’s blog by explaining exactly what an influencer is and where we fit into the mix.

Are you an expert amongst your pals? Are you the person your friends come to when deciding what to buy?

Celebrity Endorsement

We’ve all seen these on TV before. A big name Hollywood actress claims to use the same shampoo as the rest of us. Or a major pop star can’t get enough of a yoghurt from Tesco. Some brands opt for celeb endorsements to make their ads standout from the crowd. Personally, we’d trust our mate over a megastar being paid megabucks.


These guys have only been around for the last few years. They are those tweeters, Instagram-mers and youtube-ers who have millions of followers and post about what they know. They tend to have loyal followers (think Zoella for fashion and beauty or Deliciously Ella for super healthy foods). They’ll often work with brands that they think are relevant to their followers.


You might even fall into this category. Micro-influencers tend to have upwards of 2,000 followers on social media and will often post about products that they love. Some will work with brands to spread their message.

Everyday influencers

At trnd, we know the importance of Everyday Influencers and as you’re reading this, you probably will too. An everyday influencer is someone who is seen as a bit of an expert by their friends on a certain topic. Our boss Becky, knows all about fashion and PM Ollie knows all about the latest tech. If you’re someone that your pals will turn to when they need advice on making a purchase (maybe that’s cat food or the latest dry shampoo) then you fit into this category.

Which category do you fit into?

@all: What are you an expert on?

3 reasons why we’re better at marketing than the advertisers!

There’s no escaping it, advertising is EVERYWHERE but more and more, it’s us customers who have the power. We can skip ads we don’t want to watch and flick the channel during ad breaks if we want to. Here are three reasons why we’re better at marketing than the ad agencies!

We're on hand to advise on the best cake to go with our pal's coffee!

1. We’re where the adverts can never be, in the real world!

It might feel like we live our lives on our phones but in reality most of our conversations happen in the real world. The truth is, we’re sitting next to our pal as she says she wants to try a new shampoo or watching our partner struggle as they try to find something that’s right for them. As a trnd expert, we’re there with our friends to help them make the right decision for them.

2. We’re authentic

This is a buzzword in marketing these days but our friends and family know that if we recommend a product then we mean it. We wouldn’t tell a mate about a great new moisturiser unless we knew it really worked. Our friends are far more likely to take our advice over a celeb on TV (who we don’t really believe uses the products they’re selling anyway!).

3. We know who needs what

There’s probably no point telling your dad about the latest self-tanning cream and no point telling your feline-obsessed friend which dog food is best. Unlike TV ads which show everything to everyone, we’ll only tell our pals what they want to know.

A personal recommendation is the most trustworthy form of advertising and we’re the people to do it!

We’ve only just begun

The IAMS project is alive and underway over on the project page and if you made the team then congratulations! If you didn’t, however, worry not because WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!

recent projects with trnd UK Some of the projects we've run in the last year or so - LOADS more to come!

There are a whole host of projects that are due to launch over the next few weeks and we need thousands (that’s right thousands!) more of you to take part. Keep an eye on the website because you’ll hear about it here first.

If you have any pals that would love to be involved in trying exciting new products for free, spreading the word and speaking directly to the brands, then share the news and ask them to sign up.

We can’t wait to work with you on a project soon!

Love the trnd team.

@all: Do you know anyone that would love to get involved?

The fake-meat debate

Vegetarian meat alternatives have been around for years now but as they become increasingly realistic we’re starting to wonder just where they stop being suitable for veggies!

Would you eat lab-grown meat? A decade ago Quorn and Linda McCartney were leading the market with their veggie meat alternatives. Cue, vegetarians being asked why they wouldn’t eat meat but they would eat Quorn! Fyi, Quorn is made from a fungus called mycroprotein - doesn’t sound particularly tasty but it does sound veggie!

The latest development is lab-grown meats. A US company called Memphis Meats have announced that they’ve developed chicken and duck meat using cultured cells from a bird. So, it was never an animal but it does use biotechnology to exactly recreate animal cells which are then made into meat.

Vegetarian or not, you may be feeling a little queasy by now but would you be willing to try? And if you are vegetarian, is this something that you’d be willing to eat?

@all: Do you think lab-grown meat is veggie?

The selfie craze

The selfie craze doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. Walk past a local landmark and you’re sure to see a couple of pouty picture takers, go to a nice restaurant and you’re likely to see a group of friends posing for endless selfies as their food slowly goes cold, but is the selfie culture affecting our spending habits?

The selfie craze It seems that the beauty industry is booming. According to L’Oreal, “The make-up boom is driven by the selfie generation, and the fast-growing use of social media, which focuses on appearance, self-expression and presentation. The new generations are reinventing uses, giving trends their own spin, and creating buzz for new looks.”

Lipstick is more popular than ever, seemingly because it makes you feel good and makes more of a statement on Instagram. And mobile phones are having to adapt to the trend, a phone without a flash at the front of the camera is obsolete these days. And the latest polaroid camera has its button at the front, great for selfies but very hard to take a regular pic!

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed your makeup spending increase or are you firmly against the selfie?

@all: To selfie or not to selfie, that is the question.