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Live from London

Will driverless vehicles soon be delivering our food shopping?

We are living increasingly busy lives and food shopping is sometimes at the bottom of our to-do-list. Crowded aisles and long queues at the tills is also another added stress, which makes online shopping more and more appealing. So it is not surprising to find that as much as 14% of Brits do their food shopping online (according to research conducted by Mintel in 2017).

With the rise of online shopping and technology, Ford, Walmart and delivery service Postmates have recently announced they will collaborate to develop a driverless vehicle to deliver goods. Initially the vehicles will be driven by humans (in order to gather information about customer preferences) wi...

Could a mobile app + physical store combo save UK high street retailers?

Around 14 shops are closing every day in the UK according to a recent report by the BBC. The rise in online shopping is taking its toll on the high street, with fashion and electrical stores suffering the most.

There is certainly an appeal to browsing products from the comfort of your sofa. The only drawback is not physically seeing, feeling and trying on the products. If only there was a combination of the two? Nike has created just that, by opening a brand new store in New York City with the aim to mak...

Would you let your boss put a microchip in your hand?

Biohax, a Swedish company offers a unique service of providing microchips for humans. The microchips are used for access and data storage purposes and a number of UK companies are considering microchipping their staff. There has been so much interest in the UK that Biohax plans to open an office in London next year.

The microchips are implanted between the thumb and forefinger and according to Mr Jowan Österlund, the founder of Biohax, is a relatively quick and painless procedure - safer than getting your ears pierced apparently. UK companies are offering the technology to their staff on a volunteer basis. The...

Image source: Smartcitiesworld

Paving the way for pizza

An American pizza chain is attracting attention by repairing roads all over the country - because pizza and potholes don't mix.

Often, the delivery of pizzas is proverbially a mess when the streets are full of potholes; the pizza jumps up and down in the box, the topping slips off and even sticks to the lid. To ensure that their customers are recieving undamaged and appetising looking pizzas in the future, Domino's delivery ...

An exhibition in the middle of the Alps

During the summer, an outdoor brand offered mountaineers an extraordinary experience high up in the mountains. Between the breathtaking views of peaks and valleys there was an exhibition of collectables followed by an auction.

The North Face manufactures clothing and accessories for mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts and started the summer with the so-called Pinnacle Project in Italy. For a few days, the brand put up a small red tent in the middle of the Dolomites in the Val San Nicolò valley. Hikers could reach t...

Image source: saq

The alcohol activists

According to William Grant & Sons’ annual market report, a new alcohol consumer has emerged: the activist. So what do the activists want?

Environmental, fair trade, and equality discussions are driving change that is chiselling away at a somewhat sickly ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to life and are now even influencing the alcohol we drink. Organic wine could see a rise from 2.2% of the British market to 14% this year as consumers wan...