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Woof, woof! trndsters' testimonials at Crufts.

Here's a little extra treat! First we spoilt our four-legged friends with three amazing IAMS projects, now the IAMS team have decided to put us in the spotlight at the world's greatest dog show!

A video that might come a little late for the Oscars, but that is right in time for the dog’s greatest dog show - Crufts! starting at the NEC Birmingham today. The above video will be placed in the middle of the IAMS stand, made entirely from our trndsters' testimonials and passing on the excitement shown over the course of the projects!

A big thanks to IAMS for the exclusive preview and for celebrating our great collaboration! If you've bagged yourself a ticket for Crufts, make sure to come say hello to the team on stand!

The new trend that keeps you fit AND protects the environment.

Sounds interesting, right? The new trend called “Plogging” comes straight out of Sweden, and for more than a year now has been growing in size, now becoming something of a hit with the locals up in the north.

So what is it I hear you ask? Simple, it’s the action of combining jogging and picking up litter at the same time. If you're out in the forest, or running the usual jogging route, simply take a bag with you and collect what rubbish you can find.

The founder of the “Plogging” movement, Erik Ahlström, has turned to Social Media to try and boost awareness of the trend, already reaching out to other countries like Germany, Australia and Costa Rica to promote the idea. Just in case you were wondering, the name “Plogging” comes from the Swedish word "plocka", which means to gather, and of course the word "jogging", which we think needs no explanation.

The Plogga Facebook page is used to announce events where you can meet and get started - because trends like these are always more fun together. If you hadn’t guessed it already, The Plogga community wants to raise awareness of people’s health as well as the environment we live in.

What other tips do you have for bringing environmental protection into everyday life?

Source: Plogga

Positive thinking has an effect.

So what’s the best way for a company to draw attention to themselves when their core philosophy stands for optimism? With a device that measures the electrical activity in person‘s brain, allowing them to turn on a tap sitting next to them... that’s how!

Positive thinking has an effect. The power of positive thoughts activates a machine.

As part of the marketing campaign for "Life is Good" - a brand from Apparel, the device measures brain waves and reacts to those identified as positive. Activated by these cheerful thoughts, the user can turn on a tap and fill a glass of water. Sounds simple, right?

So why would a brand like Apparel want to do this? The brand wants to show that with confidence and positive thinking, a great deal can be achieved. Apparel donates ten percent of its profits to helping children, and the brand, known for its cheerful T-shirts, also collects images of its cheerful customers on its own website.

Source: Life is Good

Did you hear about the trainers which include a ticket for the tube?

The public transport authority in Germany’s trendy capital Berlin, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), often attracts attention to itself with imaginative advertising campaigns and high-profile social media activity. Now they came up with something rather extraordinary:

A BVG special edition sneaker has been created in cooperation with a little known sports brand ... Adidas. So, what makes it so special - its tongue contains an annual ticket for Berlin's public transport system, meaning the lucky owner of these trainers won’t be stuck searching for their ticket in the rush hour commute, and can glide gracefully through the turnstile.

They haven’t stop there, the pattern on the heel of the trainers takes inspiration from the underground's interior décor - now we never thought that would come into fashion, did we?

All this makes the model limited to only 500 pieces, a sought-after collector's item, which is already sold out. A marketing initiative that has brought a lot of attention to the BVG.

From: BVG on Facebook

How selfies are shaping beauty

Beauty is an ever-changing concept. The skinny eyebrows and pencilled in lip line of the 90s has now given way to big brows and colourful lips. We used to look to models in magazines for beauty inspiration but now we look to our friends on social media.

You could be forgiven for thinking that selfies are all about self-promotion and narcissism but it goes deeper than that. Selfies are redefining how we see ourselves and how we see beauty.

A selfie is the ultimate in self-expression, a modern-day self-portrait if you like. It shows who you really are, or who you want to be. It can be covered in filters or it can be natural and real. We’ve discussed it before but we simply don’t trust the airbrushed, photoshopped celebrity pictures as a sign of real beauty.

This should be really positive. And yet, research shows that we compare ourselves unfavourably to images of our friends on social media. We believe that the images our friends put out there are real. If they can look this good in photos, can we? They’re regular people, after all. One study, by the University of Florida, asked one group of women to browse Facebook for 20 minutes and the other to look at pictures of cats. When the experiment ended, the Facebook group reported greater body dissatisfaction than those who spent time researching cats.

So maybe it’s time to start a revolution. To promote authenticity over filtered beauty. To show our friends who we really are, no filters applied. The impact of the selfie could be to portray real people, and real beauty in a positive way. What do you think?

@all: Less is more or do you swear by a filter?

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