We're on hand to advise on the best cake to go with our pal's coffee!

1. We’re where the adverts can never be, in the real world!

It might feel like we live our lives on our phones but in reality most of our conversations happen in the real world. The truth is, we’re sitting next to our pal as she says she wants to try a new shampoo or watching our partner struggle as they try to find something that’s right for them. As a trnd expert, we’re there with our friends to help them make the right decision for them.

2. We’re authentic

This is a buzzword in marketing these days but our friends and family know that if we recommend a product then we mean it. We wouldn’t tell a mate about a great new moisturiser unless we knew it really worked. Our friends are far more likely to take our advice over a celeb on TV (who we don’t really believe uses the products they’re selling anyway!).

3. We know who needs what

There’s probably no point telling your dad about the latest self-tanning cream and no point telling your feline-obsessed friend which dog food is best. Unlike TV ads which show everything to everyone, we’ll only tell our pals what they want to know.

A personal recommendation is the most trustworthy form of advertising and we’re the people to do it!