The problem is, a TV ad can’t actually convey the main benefits of a perfume - the smell. Imagine if perfume ads were just a list of ingredients, that would be even less interesting than glamorous models and actors talking nonsense in whispery voices!

How often do you buy yourself a brand new perfume that you’ve never tried before? Probably not very often. 4 of the top 5 most purchased perfumes have been in the top 10 for over a decade as people tend to find their favourite fragrance and stick to it. In 2015, fragrance makers launched over 100 new scents and spent $800 million on advertising them. How many of those new fragrances do you think you could name? The truth is we just don’t trust TV ads to sell fragrance, in fact, according to the The Fashion Law only 6% of respondents said that TV advertising was the reason for purchasing a perfume.

So, what do perfumers do? They use customers to do their marketing, that’s what! We’ve had lots of lovely new members lately (hello everyone!) but some of you will have taken part in the 007 for Women project. The elegant fragrance was launched and trnd members got a full-sized bottle for themselves and loads of samples to give to their pals. A whopping 91% of people who tried it said that they were going to recommend it to their friends, dwarfs the 6% success of a TV ad doesn’t it?

At trnd we believe that customers should be the most important part of the marketing campaign and we love having you in our team!

@all: Would you rather try a perfume out before you buy?