The North Face manufactures clothing and accessories for mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts and started the summer with the so-called Pinnacle Project in Italy. For a few days, the brand put up a small red tent in the middle of the Dolomites in the Val San Nicolò valley. Hikers could reach this tent, which stood at an altitude of 2,100 metres, only by a two-hour hike.

Once there, a very special offer awaited the adventurers: The North Face jackets and backpacks previously owned by extreme athletes could be found in the small red tent and later bought at auction. The brand had repaired the equipment and incorporated a personal messages from the former owners.

The jackets and backpacks have already accompanied these athletes on extreme tours, such as on an Antarctic expedition or on the Nanga Parbat, a summit over 8,000 meters high in the Himalayas. After the campaign in Italy, the red tent was set up again in Berlin in August and will appear in Manchester at the beginning of October.

@all: Will you go and find the tent in Manchester?

Source: The North Face