Are you an expert amongst your pals? Are you the person your friends come to when deciding what to buy?

Celebrity Endorsement

We’ve all seen these on TV before. A big name Hollywood actress claims to use the same shampoo as the rest of us. Or a major pop star can’t get enough of a yoghurt from Tesco. Some brands opt for celeb endorsements to make their ads standout from the crowd. Personally, we’d trust our mate over a megastar being paid megabucks.


These guys have only been around for the last few years. They are those tweeters, Instagram-mers and youtube-ers who have millions of followers and post about what they know. They tend to have loyal followers (think Zoella for fashion and beauty or Deliciously Ella for super healthy foods). They’ll often work with brands that they think are relevant to their followers.


You might even fall into this category. Micro-influencers tend to have upwards of 2,000 followers on social media and will often post about products that they love. Some will work with brands to spread their message.

Everyday influencers

At trnd, we know the importance of Everyday Influencers and as you’re reading this, you probably will too. An everyday influencer is someone who is seen as a bit of an expert by their friends on a certain topic. Our boss Becky, knows all about fashion and PM Ollie knows all about the latest tech. If you’re someone that your pals will turn to when they need advice on making a purchase (maybe that’s cat food or the latest dry shampoo) then you fit into this category.

Which category do you fit into?

@all: What are you an expert on?