If you’ve checked out youtube recently you’ll find a host of shaky mobile videos shot by the Paris fashion glitterati as actors Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller strode down the catwalk in full 'Blue Steel' mode. The stunt was carried out to announce the forthcoming sequel to their hit film ‘Zoolander’ - it seems that films are having to think outside the box when it comes to marketing these days!

If you haven’t seen the first one then 'Zoolander' is set in the world of fashion farce, Stiller and Wilson play two warring (and equally, ahem, intellectually challenged) male models. The film garnered a cult following and the sequel has been eagerly awaited by excited fans.

Ok, we get it, we’re there and we already want to see the film but we wonder why major fashion house Valentino agreed to let their show be hijacked! Fans cannot wait to see the film and people are definitely talking about the Valentino show but are they talking about the fashion?

@all: What do you think, is it about time the fashion industry injected a little humour or has the Valentino collection been overshadowed this year?