Lenny Lenny Henry and Head Clinician Francis Odokodit

There are so many wonderful stories of people working together and thinking outside the box to raise money for people in need but one particularly lovely story stood out here at the trnd offices.

Lenny Henry co-founded Comic Relief and, as well as being famous for being funny, has passionately campaigned for better lives for disadvantaged people. His latest project as part of this year’s Comic Relief is the renovation of a Ugandan health centre.

The centre, which is based in Iyolwa, was so run down that it was endangering the lives of the patients and staff. With bats and hornets in the ceiling and no running water or electricity, patients and new mums were at risk with every visit. But that’s when Lenny stepped in.

Along with a group of celebs, the project has used the power of the local community to transform this dilapidated building into a shiny, new health centre. Passion and enthusiasm levels are sky high and as of today the clinic is a fully-functioning healthcare centre that the local community can feel proud of ‘From the hygienic tiled floors right up to the bat-free roof, every inch of the old clinic has been changed beyond recognition.

It just shows what we can do when we work together to make the world a little bit nicer.

@all: Will you be watching Comic Relief tonight? Have you done anything funny to raise money?