International women's day

Lizzie nominated Malala Yousafzai

Aged just 17, Malala Yousafzai is the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. After being shot by the Taliban on a school bus at the age of 14, Malala’s courage and determination in promoting education rights for girls has made her a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a household name – she was also the most googled female of 2014!

Tasha nominated Barbara Breskind

You might never have heard of Barbara but at 91 she’s proving that age needn’t be a barrier to success. Barbara is a lifelong inventor and has just landed her dream job at Silicon Valley, working one day a week to design apps and devices. Her apps are largely geared towards the elderly and she claims that ‘every Thursday I feel 30 years younger’ – go girl!

Becky nominated Marie Curie

Curie was a physicist and chemist who carried out pioneering work on radioactivity. The first woman to win a Nobel Prize for Science, Curie is an inspiration for scientists everywhere. Marie Curie passed away in 1937 but she is still a household name and her legacy lives on thanks to her work on cancer research.

You nominate..?

Who do you think is an inspirational woman? Maybe your best friend has been there for you through some tough times? Maybe your daughter is doing super well at school? If you have a lady in your life (or someone in the press for that matter) then feel free to leave a comment saying why they’re so special. Happy International Women’s Day everyone.

@all: Who’s been special to you this year. This is your chance to wax lyrical about your favourite lady!