In an experiment called ‘Bully a Plant’, IKEA set up two plants inside schools across United Arab Emirates that received identical treatment for 30 days apart from one crucial factor – one plant was in a case where recordings of bullying insults were being played and one where recording of kind complements were being played.

The students had a tangible experience with the plant, they leant in close to hear what was being said and as the weeks passed they noticed that the bullied was dying whilst the complemented plant was flourishing completely. The science supporting theories about plants reacting to positive and negative impressions is quite loose, though our trusty gang at Mythbusters have granted that such theories are plausible.

Whether scientific or symbolic, through this thoughtful experiment, IKEA linked people who believe in what they also believe in to their brand, and turned their core idea into an unplifting experience. Two thumbs up from trnd!

Source: Bustle