Driver safety has been the focus for much of Audi’s new innovations. Safety on our roads, however, is not a topic that reliably stirs up warm feelings - think road rage, accidents and even death. So, how could Audi convey its value of safety on our roads in a more positive and even enchanting way? After all, they don’t want to scare people into buying their cars.

“What’s this clown doing?!” is a line that most of us have uttered when driving near some who seem oblivious to our presence. This line and its associated memories linger in our mind while we watch the ad, ensuring that the magical story is accompanied by a strange sense realism.

The campaign gives the impression that Audi’s commitment to safety comes more from a joyful appreciation of life’s wonder than a fear of all that can go wrong, and this is loads more inspiring to any potential car buyer.

@all: What do you think about the Clowns ad?

Source: Lovethework