The microchips are implanted between the thumb and forefinger and according to Mr Jowan Österlund, the founder of Biohax, is a relatively quick and painless procedure - safer than getting your ears pierced apparently. UK companies are offering the technology to their staff on a volunteer basis.

The microchip can simplifly and quicken day to day tasks, for example, the chip allows staff to easily access buildings without an ID pass or quickly buy food at the canteen. What’s not to like? Employers can also set restrictions to sensitive data and devices.

Of course the technology has its’ drawbacks, including ethical and privacy issues. The UK Trade Union TUC has concerns that employers will have greater authority and control over staff, causing a rise in micromanagement and less privacy. Could they calculate how much time we actually spend making tea?

Is this the future of modern employment? Will we all be implanted with microchips in the near future? One thing is for sure, the impact of this technology in the workplace will be interesting to follow.

@all: What do you think are the pros and cons of a microchip?

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