CVS Pharmacy, which is one of the largest beauty retailers in America, has launched the Beauty in Real Life campaign that show’s its commitment to creating standards for beauty imagery. The campaign promotes the CVS watermark that will begin to appear on authentic advertising imagery where the natural beauty of the model(s) is left as it is and is not airbrush to a state of unhuman flawlessness. CVS Pharmacy have asked their partners to ensure that any imagery not worthy of the watermark is visibly labelled as altered.

With statistics like ‘80% of women feel worse about themselves after seeing a beauty ad’ motivating them to make changes, CVS Pharmacy is striving to ensure that every woman who enters their beauty aisles leaves them feeling great.

This well and truly gets the trnd seal of approval. We receive countless natural images of our amazing project team members every year, so we know what beauty in real life looks like and we'll be happy to see more of it.

Source: CVS Pharmacy, CVS beauty mark