trnd UK team - jetsetters

We’re an office of jetsetters here at trnd and we haven’t all been in the same office for weeks! Here’s a little round up of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to.

Lizzy and Aarony

London isn’t actually the trnd HQ, that privilege is reserved for Munich (capital of Bavaria dontchyaknow). Lizzy and Aarony have been training hard and are now armed with a wealth of knowledge to inflict on you lovely lot.

Becky and Paul

Paul is our new Sales Director and really deserves a post all of his own but for now we’ll just let you know that he’s currently living it up it Istanbul with Becky…sorry we mean working hard and attending sales conferences in Istanbul!


Jonny has recently taken a little trip to our London office where he worked very hard but still found time for a bit of sightseeing, catching up with old friends and stocking up on pork pies to take back to Munich (they're not as big in Germany - who knew?)!

Tasha and Danny

Hm, well Danny and Tasha have mainly been holding down the fort in their respective offices, although Tasha took a trip to Birmingham to see her mum…that’s as exciting as Istanbul, right?

@all: Have you jetted off anywhere interesting recently? Let's see how far we've travelled as a group of trndsters.