Environmental, fair trade, and equality discussions are driving change that is chiselling away at a somewhat sickly ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to life and are now even influencing the alcohol we drink. Organic wine could see a rise from 2.2% of the British market to 14% this year as consumers want to support brands that look after the environment.

The activist is not only ethically conscious but also money conscious. The Drinks Business hints to the fact that this generation’s first-home-buyers will have to forgo a few of life’s luxuries in order to save up for a deposit and keep the first mortgage payments flowing, so affordability is also very important.

Uniqueness and the excitement that comes with it are essential to the activist also. When craft beer Brewers Beavertown sold a minority stake to Heineken, some of the key independent bottle shops in the UK stopped stocking them. Not only is the ownership important (with more people choosing to support local breweries), but so is the history and birth place of a brand. Such details and brand stories are now given more space on bottles than ever before.

The marketing industry must keep up with this new, more conscious consumer - the activist – and speak to their idealistic values, their wallets, and their wish for uniqueness and community all at the same time.

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Source: thedrinksbusiness