Dark Social (noun) - refers to the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by Web analytics programs. This mostly occurs when a link is sent via online chat or email, rather than shared over a social media platform, from which referrals can be measured.

Are you familiar with the term ‘dark social’? It’s a marketing phrase used to describe social media that can’t be accessed or monitored. For example, when you send a link on whatsapp to a pair of shoes that you know your pal will love, it’s completely in the dark, hence the term. But when you share a pic and tag the brand on Instagram then they can see your pic meaning it’s no longer dark.

All messenger apps (including Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Insta and twitter) come under this umbrella as brands just don’t get to see what you’re saying. We think it’s pretty interesting. At trnd, we think we might just be fans of dark social! We’re passionate about getting recommendations from friends for great products; whether that’s a conversation over a glass of wine, an emailed link to something you know they’d love or taking part in a trnd campaign and holding a party so that all of your friends can try a new product out for themselves. And the beauty of one of our campaigns is, you can tell the brands exactly what you’ve been saying about them anyway!

Let us know if you’ve ever shared a link to a great new product via Facebook messenger or whatsapp and if you’re part of dark social!

@all: do you use dark social?