Would you eat lab-grown meat? A decade ago Quorn and Linda McCartney were leading the market with their veggie meat alternatives. Cue, vegetarians being asked why they wouldn’t eat meat but they would eat Quorn! Fyi, Quorn is made from a fungus called mycroprotein - doesn’t sound particularly tasty but it does sound veggie!

The latest development is lab-grown meats. A US company called Memphis Meats have announced that they’ve developed chicken and duck meat using cultured cells from a bird. So, it was never an animal but it does use biotechnology to exactly recreate animal cells which are then made into meat.

Vegetarian or not, you may be feeling a little queasy by now but would you be willing to try? And if you are vegetarian, is this something that you’d be willing to eat?

@all: Do you think lab-grown meat is veggie?