The selfie craze It seems that the beauty industry is booming. According to L’Oreal, “The make-up boom is driven by the selfie generation, and the fast-growing use of social media, which focuses on appearance, self-expression and presentation. The new generations are reinventing uses, giving trends their own spin, and creating buzz for new looks.”

Lipstick is more popular than ever, seemingly because it makes you feel good and makes more of a statement on Instagram. And mobile phones are having to adapt to the trend, a phone without a flash at the front of the camera is obsolete these days. And the latest polaroid camera has its button at the front, great for selfies but very hard to take a regular pic!

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed your makeup spending increase or are you firmly against the selfie?

@all: To selfie or not to selfie, that is the question.