For the 'Save Our Species' advertising campaign, ten threatened species were recently allowed to replace the renowned crocodile logo. The limited number of polo shirts produced for each animal corresponded to the number of specimens still alive: sadly, only 30 shirts were produced depicting a Gulf of California porpoise. The largest amount of shirts in the special edition collection is dedicated to the Anegada Ground Iguana with 450 shirts. A total of 1775 white polo shirts draw attention to endangered animal species.

The shirts, which were only available online, have long since been sold out and will certainly swiftly disappear becoming exclusive collection objects in the cupboards of their buyers. The campaign has caused quite a sensation and successfully drawn attention to the unfortunate situation of a few endangered animals. The sales proceeds will also be used to benefit the animals. A nice marketing idea, as we see it at trnd headquarters, and a humble move from the green predator to make room for a few colleagues from the animal kingdom whose situation needs our attention. :crocodile:

Source: Lacoste