In what way is the alcohol industry changing?:

  1. 2016 saw the first ever drop in global alcohol sales.
  2. Around 2,000 UK pubs and clubs closed for good between 2011-2016.
  3. More young people than ever are abstaining from alcohol altogether - 1 in 5 no longer drink!
  4. The laws on advertising alcohol are at their strictest ever and brands are struggling to find the best way to sell products.

But, the industry needn’t panic, we’re not giving up drinking altogether, we’re just a little choosier than before.

In recent campaigns with KOKO KANU and Freixenet ICE Cava, we socialised with friends and enjoyed trying out new and interesting drinks. 96% of project members referred Freixenet to their friends and family which is a huge success but even more importantly, we got social! We shared the bottles amongst our friends (meaning no over indulging and no underage drinking – something that a TV ad simply can’t guarantee) and we had a great deal of fun while we were at it. Absolutely everyone is a winner!

@all: Let us know what you think of alcohol ads and if you think you can do a more effective job!