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Live from London

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Bus stop gym

In the United Kingdom, the average person spends 42 minutes a day just killing time – that’s two years of one’s life! We usually go straight for our phone when waiting for a bus or for the kettle to boil but Reebok had a better idea.

Inspired by their wish to improve the quality of life through physical activity, Reebok turned 6 bus stops in Columbia into small gyms and had personal trainers there to give everyone a quick work out while you waited for their bus. The experience was shared widely on social media by those who were ...

Technology vs our most vulnerable human instincts

If a marketing campaign is run in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a sound? Technology is helping the marketing and advertising industries to reach larger audiences and can quantify who saw, clicked, or purchased something. The longer we are on a website, the more chance we have of seeing and engaging with an advertisement. Many are concerned that an economy of attention has developed where platforms prey on our vulnerabilities in order to keep us on their site or app.

The Centre of Humane Technology is leading the way in terms of advocacy for compassionate design of technology that protects our most vulnerable human instincts from being abused. They ask questions like: How we are vulnerable to getting overwhelmed, stressed or outraged? How are we vulnerable to m...

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Lions roar and clowns will be clowns

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was held last month and we at trnd would like to offer a wee tip of the hat to all the incredibly talented award winners. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the campaign that really stole our hearts – Clowns, by Audi.

Driver safety has been the focus for much of Audi’s new innovations. Safety on our roads, however, is not a topic that reliably stirs up warm feelings - think road rage, accidents and even death. So, how could Audi convey its value of safety on our roads in a more positive and even enchanting way? A...

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Strong ideals

The world’s greatest rugby union team is showing that it’s not just outer talent that keeps them at the top but it’s their inner values and commitments to knocking down both inner and outer barriers.

In a bid to fight the enemy of discrimination and, in particular, to support the inclusion of the LGBTI community, the All Blacks have launched a campaign that integrates some changes to their iconic black jersey. When the black material is stretched, it reveals the colours of the rainbow. It was th...

Image source: CVS Beauty

Reality check

When browsing the aisles, we often look for seals that certify a product’s claim. “Your coffee is fair trade, is it? Show me the seal!!” There is a new seal on the scene that is being rolled out by an American drugstore chain – it’s for real life beauty.

CVS Pharmacy, which is one of the largest beauty retailers in America, has launched the Beauty in Real Life campaign that show’s its commitment to creating standards for beauty imagery. The campaign promotes the CVS watermark that will begin to appear on authentic advertising imagery where the natu...

"You're not even green!"

I have an idea… let's bully plants!

The well-known furniture retailer IKEA believes in something that we at trnd are totally behind; they believe that 'happiness is spread through how we treat each other'. And how did they convey this core value of theirs? Well, through bullying of course!

In an experiment called ‘Bully a Plant’, IKEA set up two plants inside schools across United Arab Emirates that received identical treatment for 30 days apart from one crucial factor – one plant was in a case where recordings of bullying insults were being played and one where recording of kind comp...