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Live from London

Image source: CVS Beauty

Reality check

When browsing the aisles, we often look for seals that certify a product’s claim. “Your coffee is fair trade, is it? Show me the seal!!” There is a new seal on the scene that is being rolled out by an American drugstore chain – it’s for real life beauty.

CVS Pharmacy, which is one of the largest beauty retailers in America, has launched the Beauty in Real Life campaign that show’s its commitment to creating standards for beauty imagery. The campaign promotes the CVS watermark that will begin to appear on authentic advertising imagery where the natu...

"You're not even green!"

I have an idea… let's bully plants!

The well-known furniture retailer IKEA believes in something that we at trnd are totally behind; they believe that 'happiness is spread through how we treat each other'. And how did they convey this core value of theirs? Well, through bullying of course!

In an experiment called ‘Bully a Plant’, IKEA set up two plants inside schools across United Arab Emirates that received identical treatment for 30 days apart from one crucial factor – one plant was in a case where recordings of bullying insults were being played and one where recording of kind comp...

Why a brand abandons its logo.

The crocodile has bravely held the position as the world-famous logo of the fashion brand Lacoste for 85 years now. For a good cause, however, it left its ancestral territory.

For the 'Save Our Species' advertising campaign, ten threatened species were recently allowed to replace the renowned crocodile logo. The limited number of polo shirts produced for each animal corresponded to the number of specimens still alive: sadly, only 30 shirts were produced depicting a Gulf o...

Woof, woof! trndsters' testimonials at Crufts.

Here's a little extra treat! First we spoilt our four-legged friends with three amazing IAMS projects, now the IAMS team have decided to put us in the spotlight at the world's greatest dog show!

A video that might come a little late for the Oscars, but that is right in time for the dog’s greatest dog show - Crufts! starting at the NEC Birmingham today. The above video will be placed in the middle of the IAMS stand, made entirely from our trndsters' testimonials and passing on the excitement...

The new trend that keeps you fit AND protects the environment.

Sounds interesting, right? The new trend called “Plogging” comes straight out of Sweden, and for more than a year now has been growing in size, now becoming something of a hit with the locals up in the north.

So what is it I hear you ask? Simple, it’s the action of combining jogging and picking up litter at the same time. If you're out in the forest, or running the usual jogging route, simply take a bag with you and collect what rubbish you can find. The founder of the “Plogging” movement, Erik Ahlströ...