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Live from London

Introducing Mitch

We’ve promised this blog for a while and it’s finally here - and on his birthday, no less! We want to introduce our newest colleague…Mitch.

Welcome, and happy birthday! trnd: Hi Mitch. Mitch: Hi. T: so, what do you do at trnd? M: I’m the joint UK MD, responsible for new business development and strategic growth. T: Sounds important! Have you always been so important? Where did you grow up for example? M: I grew up in Hamps...

A Shaggy Dog Story

The daily commute - there’s always something isn’t there? Whether it’s ‘leaves on the line’ or ‘the wrong type of snow’ – the journey to work can be a veritable nightmare. If you were unlucky enough to be on the M74 yesterday then you may have had a spaniel thrown in the works of your journey.

The (b)eagle eyed amongst you will notice that this is a dog. Delays were caused yesterday morning after reports of a dog commandeering a vehicle. No, you didn’t misread that, stories emerged of a sheep dog taking control of his owner’s tractor and driving it onto the motorway. This so...

The Big Move (an Update)

We all look so happy in the photo below but the snap hides at least 38 minutes of moving despair, and the reason - the trnd logo!

Making it look easy Here at trnd we love our wall logo and were determined to take it with us but, as the Rolling Stones once sang, ‘you can’t always get what you want’. We’ve compiled a timeline so you can follow our horror as it unfolded! (2 weeks earlier: Boss Becky snaffles the ‘n’ ...

We’re moving house!

Yep, the team - along with Audrey HepFern and Holly GoLightly - are on the move.

"London Bridge Red River" by Peter Burgess - flickr. What with the team expanding and Audry HepFern demanding more and more in terms of space and attention (she's such a diva) we’ve outgrown our little office so we’re moving out. We’re on our way to London Bridge to make a new life fo...

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Pop Eleanor Roosevelt’s name into a search engine and you’re sure to find a whole list of inspirational quotes that the great lady left as her legacy. We thought we’d choose one and put it into practice.

Do one thing every day that scares you Ms Roosevelt wasn’t talking about watching horror films by yourself or booking in a sky dive (necessarily), just about extending your comfort zones and broadening your horizons. There’s a lot to be said for being brave and even more to be said for ...

The Battle for Number 10

This has been described as the closest election in decades, will you cast your vote?

Whose front door will this be on May 8th? The outcome of this election simply cannot be predicted - rather than the relatively straightforward choice of red or blue that we're used to, we’re now in an age of ‘rainbow politics’ in which any colour party could find themselves in Westmins...