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Live from London

Namin’ Lights

Well, well, well, what an incredibly creative bunch you lot are!

Decisions, decisions! What should we call lampy? We had some laugh out loud moments in the office as we read your lamp name suggestions. We bickered and we wrangled and we back-and-forthed over our favourite name but in the end we simply couldn’t choose – so, we’re handing it back to y...

Falling (but not to pieces)

Learning lessons from a legend.

A fall with grace. ( Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have heard about a certain iconic star taking a tumble yesterday. We’re sure that there are memes and gifs galore if you fancy a laugh but we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate Madge in all her glo...

The Oscars – More than Just Dresses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed that a certain star-studded awards ceremony happened this weekend.

#AskHerMore - The Representation Project Julianne Moore graciously picked up the gong for best actress and the wonderful Patricia Arquette took the award for best supporting actress. But that’s not all that was noteworthy in the 87th academy awards, the red carpet was trending but not ...

Introducing… Audrey HepFern

There’s an icon at the trnd offices, we’re honoured and delighted to announce the arrival of … Audrey HepFern

We certainly don’t have to wait until dark to introduce this fair lady, she’s a beauty in her own right. According to the label she can take ‘mild neglect’ but fear not we have zero intention of neglecting her. So far she’s settling in remarkably well, she even has her own comfy pot to sit in and a ...

So hot right now!

We’re in the process of expanding and improving so we thought we’d take this opportunity to let you know what’s hot and what’s not in our office right now.

Say hello to Aaron - the newest member of the trnd team! HOT! We have a new guy in town. Aaron our new office intern has been with us for a matter of weeks but he already feels like part of the furniture (we mean that as a compliment Aaron). Welcome Sir, it’s great to have you on board...