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Why us customers are best at 'advertising' alcohol

The way we consume alcohol is changing. It seems that we're buying less and the industry is worried but we think we know a way around it!

In what way is the alcohol industry changing?: 2016 saw the first ever drop in global alcohol sales. Around 2,000 UK pubs and clubs closed for good between 2011-2016. More young people than ever are abstaining from alcohol altogether - 1 in 5 no longer drink! The laws on advertising alcohol are a...

The definition of dark social

Any idea what ‘dark social’ is? We bet you probably use it every day!

Dark Social (noun) - refers to the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by Web analytics programs. This mostly occurs when a link is sent via online chat or email, rather than shared over a social media platform, from which referrals can be measured. Are you familiar...

Insect sandwich anyone?

Most people wouldn’t be overly impressed if you served them bugs for dinner but it might become a common sight in the not too distant future.

In Switzerland it has just passed into law that insects can be farmed and processed for food. Before you turn your nose up and dismiss it entirely, the eating of insects does have it’s benefits - they are a great source of protein and packed full of vitamins and minerals. They’re also a lot better f...

Would you trust your friend's word over an ad?

Adverts are absolutely everywhere these days. Whenever we turn on the TV, watch something on youtube or upload a pic to Instagram or post to Facebook, we’re faced with a multitude of brands telling us why we should buy their product. The problem is, there are so many ads, it’s difficult to know which to believe!

These days, brands have to work hard to cultivate a great image whether that’s via social media or on TV but the truth is, if a friend or family member tells us that a product isn’t effective then we’ll likely believe their word over a TV ad. We're probably also more likely to trust an online review...

QUICK POLL: The great plastic bag debate

Do you love the ease of getting a fresh plastic bag when you shop or do you worry about the impact it’s having on the environment? Until 2015 carrier bags in the UK were free, leading to an excess of carrier bags in most people’s homes (anyone else got a carrier bag drawer?).

Well, in Kenya, the simple act of carrying a plastic bag could land you in hot water. The world’s toughest plastic bag law has now been passed there and using one could get you up to four years in prison or a whopping great fine of £31,000! According to BBC news, the problem is particularly bad in K...