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Live from London

QUICK POLL: The great plastic bag debate

Do you love the ease of getting a fresh plastic bag when you shop or do you worry about the impact it’s having on the environment? Until 2015 carrier bags in the UK were free, leading to an excess of carrier bags in most people’s homes (anyone else got a carrier bag drawer?).

Well, in Kenya, the simple act of carrying a plastic bag could land you in hot water. The world’s toughest plastic bag law has now been passed there and using one could get you up to four years in prison or a whopping great fine of £31,000! According to BBC news, the problem is particularly bad in K...

Real beauties

Thanks to TV and the internet, we’re bombarded with images of male and female perfection on an almost daily basis. Most adverts use models and most swimwear brands use a healthy dose of Photoshop to make their products look ‘perfect’ but ASOS have broken the airbrush model and we love the results.

ASOS have adopted a more realistic approach to beauty and while they still use gorgeous models, they’ve left in stretchmarks, cellulite and other ‘imperfections’ and the results are brilliant. The results have prompted a social media storm with women praising the pics and discussing their own stretc...

The new guy

There’s a new addition to the trnd team. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Adam, our Business Development Manager

Trnd: Hi Adam Adam: Hi guys!

Changing the scenery

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different on the trnd site, that’s because we’ve had a facelift!

This snazzy new site has been mobile optimised, meaning it reads a lot better on your phone. Let’s face it, most of us access the internet from our smart phones more often than we do from a laptop or PC anyway. We think it's more social too and now you can share any blogs, top trnds or project pages...

Battling stereotypes

The Advertising Standards Alliance are working on changing the gender stereotypes used in advertising - about time!

The Geena Davis Institute (yup, that's actress Geena Davis) found that men are four times more likely to be used in adverts than women and are more often portrayed as leaders. You don’t have to cast your mind back all that far to remember hoards of scantily clad women flocking around a fully clothed...

The GOTeux Tapestry

Here at trnd, we like to call out an interesting or unique advertising campaign when we see one and they don’t come much better than this: the Tourism Ireland board have created an immense tapestry recreating every single scene from Game of Thrones so far!

A millions miles away from the cut price Eiffel Towers and Barcelona fridge magnets, this campaign is definitely one for the ‘clever marketing’ pile!