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Live from London

New girl in town

There’s a new girl in town and we thought it was time you guys got to meet her. Ladies and gents, meet Hayley!

Trnd: Hi Hayley Hayley: Hi! Where are you from and where do you call home? I’m from Chandlers Ford which is the ‘suburbia’ between Winchester and Southampton. It’s quite peaceful, and also where I’d call home. What do you do at trnd? I’ve just started so at the moment a bit of everything! My officia...

Love Marks

In marketing, people speak a lot about loyalty. Are customers loyal to brands? Will we go out of our way to buy our favourite shampoo or do we simply pick whatever’s on offer in the supermarket?

According to Saatchi and Saatchi, advertising gurus extraordinaire, there are a handful of brands that we simply fall in love with, the company term these as Love Marks. We want to know what your top Love Marks are, do you swear by a certain cleaning product? Maybe you always work out in a certain b...

Loyalty cards

We’re a loyal bunch here at trnd (who also love to try new things, of course) but this got us to thinking - what do the trnd community think about loyalty cards?

All manner of businesses offer customer loyalty cards these days from coffee shops to supermarkets to airlines. The rewards are varied: you might get a free coffee when you’ve paid for 9, you might get money off for every pound spent or you might get perks such as gig tickets and free entry to exhib...

KOKO KANU - get involved!

Our third project of the summer has landed and it’s a scorcher! We’re teaming up with the folks at KOKO KANU - a Jamaican rum with a coconut twist!

2,000 lucky trndsters will be chosen to take part in our project with KOKO KANU for FREE. They will have the chance to channel their inner mixologist as they give classic cocktails a contemporary coconut twist. To be in with a chance of being selected for this fab free product trial, head over to th...

Are you an influencer?

‘Influencers’ are the latest big thing in marketing, but where do you fit in? We thought we’d follow up on last week’s blog by explaining exactly what an influencer is and where we fit into the mix.

Are you the person your friends come to when deciding what to buy? Celebrity Endorsement We’ve all seen these on TV before. A big name Hollywood actress claims to use the same shampoo as the rest of us. Or a major pop star can’t get enough of a yoghurt from Tesco. Some brands opt for c...

3 reasons why we’re better at marketing than the advertisers!

There’s no escaping it, advertising is EVERYWHERE but more and more, it’s us customers who have the power. We can skip ads we don’t want to watch and flick the channel during ad breaks if we want to. Here are three reasons why we’re better at marketing than the ad agencies!

1. We’re where the adverts can never be, in the real world! It might feel like we live our lives on our phones but in reality most of our conversations happen in the real world. The truth is, we’re sitting next to our pal as she says she wants to try a new shampoo or watching our partner struggle a...