Welcome to the Child Safety at Home project with Fairy Non Bio

Hi and welcome! My name is Emma and I’m the Assistant Brand Manager at Fairy Non Bio. I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to be involved in our child safety at home project and I can’t wait to get started.

Emma from Fairy Non Bio

We know how much child safety matters to you (85% parents agree that it’s their number 1 priority) and it’s just as important to us at Fairy Non Bio, which is why we’ve teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide, the global experts in child injury prevention, to share knowledge and tips on how to best keep little ones safe at home.

Over the next few weeks, we hope you’ll discover more about preventing accidents around the home, particularly in relation to the safe storage of detergents and cleaning products (but there’ll be much more info besides). Then it's all about putting what you've learned into practice and making your own home child-safe. Sharing the info with other parents and carers of young children is the truly rewarding part of this project – with your support, our safety squad can help to ensure all homes are safe for little ones.

To assist you on your journey, we’ve provided our latest packaging innovation so you can try the Fairy Non Bio 3in1 pods with their Child-Lock closure for yourself. The packs are easy for parents to master, but difficult for the little explorers to unlock.

I’m super excited for you to join this project and I will be listening out for all of your thoughts and comments before sharing them with the rest of the team at Fairy Non Bio.

Safe Kids Worldwide

See you on the blog!