On your marks, get set: review!

Our project with Lenor Outdoorable is now officially underway. By taking part in this project, you’re one of a select team of just 201 participants who have been chosen to launch this fab new product to the nation.

Lenor Outdoorable is a brand-new product, which means people will be on the lookout for reviews to understand how effective it is. Now's your chance to help and let them know what you think!

Lenor Outdoorable is already available at Wilko and Ocado and will soon hit the shelves of other retailers too, so hurry and leave a review on SuperSavvyMe, like Beth did:

On your marks, get set: review!

It goes like this:

  1. Try out Lenor Outdoorable

  2. Follow the review link to SuperSavvyMe and give Lenor Outdoorable a star rating.

  3. Say a few words about Lenor Outdoorable, considering the following:

    🌸 Do your clothes feel like they were washed outside?
    🌸 Would you recommend Outdoorable to others?
    🌸 Is this better than any fabric conditioner you’ve tried before?
    🌸 Do you love the distinctive fragrance?

Send us your review

Once you’re done with your review, share the URL link along with the nickname that you have used on our Online report tool!

My review report

The Lenor team are ready and waiting to read your reviews. We can’t wait to find out what you think!

@all: Have you put your new Lenor Outdoorable to the test yet?