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Get Readly for three months free and enjoy thousands of magazines and newspapers at your fingertips.

15000 participants
Leisure Time
06/10/2022 to 31/12/2022

Thousands of magazines and newspapers at your fingertips with the Readly app

From fashion and beauty to health and wellness, and news and current affairs to homes and gardens, magazines and newspapers have a special place in our lives. But, keeping up to date with each and every one is no mean feat and buying them all individually could cost a small fortune! The Readly app changes all that and brings your favourite news and info sources onto one easy-to-use platform on your smartphone or tablet.

Be well entertained and informed everywhere 📰

Readly aims to make interesting, informative and inspiring content available to you in a simple, straightforward way. With the Readly app, your favourite magazines and newspapers are accessible to you anytime, anywhere. In this way, Readly is the future of news media.


3 months free trial¹: This is what the Readly app offers you

  • More than 6,000 magazines and newspapers from around the globe
  • Unlimited access to all magazines and their back issues
  • Family Account: 5 profiles included
  • Download function: All magazines and newspapers can be read offline
  • Featured Articles: read individual articles now for bite-size news!
  • Regular subscription for only £9.99 (UK) / €11.99 (Ireland) per month - no additional costs
  • Can be cancelled at any time, no subscription trap


This is how you take part in the project 📱

  1. Apply

    Apply directly for the project as a trnd partner from the UK or Ireland.

    Apply now

  2. Readly 3 months free - with your individual code

    When you complete your application form, you will automatically be selected to take part and will receive an individual code by e-mail from 10th October 2022. With it you can start your reading for free¹:

    • Visit the Readly campaign page, enter your code in the space provided and click on the "Activate 3 months free" button. Go to Readly (UK) Go to Readly (Ireland)
    • Log in to Readly with your email address and password
    • Enter payment data (necessary for technical reasons, it won't charge your card if you cancel your Readly subscription before the end of the free 3-month trial period)
    • Download the Readly app, log in with your access data and start reading right away
    • Shortly before the end of the free 3 months, you will receive an e-mail informing you about the end of the term and the transition to the paid subscription. You will be reminded in good time to cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to use Readly after the free period.


Readly title of our choice 🤩

Readly has over 6,000+ titles and more than 35 categories to choose from, so they always have something for everyone. Here are a few of our favourites:

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food

Dig into healthy, hearty recipes, made with the best-value ingredients and cost-efficient cooking methods with the UK’s most popular food magazine. Whatever your mealtime needs or cooking desires, BBC Good Food has plenty of recipe ideas to inspire you.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women's Health is the ultimate manual for a smarter, healthier lifestyle. Bringing together the latest stories from the worlds of health, fitness, fashion, food and beyond it offers small, realistic changes that give big, long-lasting results.

The Week UK

The Week UK

Keeping up to date with world news has never been more taxing, or more important. The Week UK brings the most relevant and important news of the week from local and global sources in one concise, informative and entertaining read.

Ideal Home

Ideal Home

Every issue of Ideal Home is packed with real home, kitchen and bathroom makeovers and décor ideas. You'll find stylish ways to evolve your interiors and tackle problem areas, plus all the inspiration you need to renovate your home.

BBC Countryfile

BBC Countryfile

Plan this year’s staycations with BBC Countryfile. A magazine packed full of fresh ideas and tips to explore the British countryside, watch wildlife and discover Britain’s heritage, traditions and the best of local food.

Radio Times

Radio Times

The UK’s ultimate entertainment guide. Radio Times has all the intel on the best of TV, films and radio content, including exclusive interviews with TV stars and behind the scenes content from the latest releases.

@all: Which ones are you most excited about? Comment and let us know your top 3 titles!

¹The Readly offer "3 months free" can be redeemed once per new customer and cannot be combined with other discounts. Then there are costs of £9.99 (UK) / €11.99 (Ireland) per month, which can be cancelled at any time.


calypso0 Verified • 1 year ago

So excited about this, awesome, look forward to enjoy my reading
Thank you

meoome Verified • 1 year ago

I am loving this app so great on school runs when I'm sat in car if I have already downloaded magazine and don't have signal I still have something to read!

I would love to see the magazines get more interactive such as on quiz pages be able to actually fill them in.

JAVER1967 • 1 year ago

Simply amazed by the amount of choice there is. Almost too much to be able to decide

foxybluenose123 • 1 year ago

Radio times then any other ones a look good

charlie67 Verified • 1 year ago

Great selection and choice

vane_sng Verified • 1 year ago

I love readily! I didn't know why I haven't tried it before!

Donnaahern • 1 year ago

I love this app. Can read the latest magazine at my fingertips, without leaving the house. It’s such a great price to have access to 1,000s of magazines.

lvuggy Verified • 1 year ago

I'm so looking forward to ready . Can't wait

ACG1 • 1 year ago

Just downloaded and started looking at the app.
So far it looks fantastic.
Just wishing I had a bigger screen than my phone has to look at them.

ebrat Verified • 1 year ago

I have just downloaded Readly and I like it. I start my day with reading a magazine or a newspaper without getting out of home.

Mashuljkin Verified • 1 year ago

“What doctors don’t tell you”, “Happiful” and “”Natural Health” ✨

Mishmish88 Verified • 1 year ago

Just downloaded the app, so excited to unwind over Christmas to do some online magazine catch up. This is something ive not done in a while so im so happy to get this opportunity to try it out. Definitely be handy to have especially times when im waiting around for kids to finish lessons i can do some magazine reading and catch up with things i love most.

greglee Verified • 1 year ago

Awesome app so simple to use has been a lovely experience.

meoome Verified • 1 year ago

This has been a great experience to try lots of magazines I don't usually read however im approaching my 3months end but no email yet anyone else? How do I cancel?!

Mishmish88 Verified • 1 year ago

So far so good with the new app download on my phone and ipad. I am just spoilt for choice to choose what i want to read. I just wish i had more time to read the magazines i love. I found its super handy whilst i am constantly on the go top fav is the science magazine , womans health and vogue.