The #ReginaBlitzIt challenge

Ladies and Gents, the time has arrived for you to take part in the #ReginaBlitzIt challenge and share your first social posts online about this fabulously versatile household towel that makes cleaning, polishing and mopping a breeze.


How to get involved in the #ReginaBlitzIt challenge 🧡

  1. Step 1

    Put your Regina Blitz household towels to the test around your home, garden 🏡 and beyond 🚗✨ – the more locations you can show off the better!

  2. Step 2

    Take multiple snaps 📸 or film an in-use video 🎬 for IG Reels or TikTok – more on this shortly! We’d love you to use one pack and include your second unopened pack 🧻 in shot too.

  3. Step 3

    Share your post online and don’t forget to use #ad #ReginaBlitzIt #ReginaBlitz #WheresMyReginaBlitz and tag @trnduk! 👍

  4. Step 4

    In the caption, tell your friends about the most notable product features you love 🧻, inform them about the fab Regina Blitz promotion 🎁 and encourage them to check the brand website for more deets.

  5. Step 5

    Upload the URLs or screenshots of your posts with us too! 😍

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Think outside the box! 😉

The brilliance of Regina Blitz household towels is their versatility.
Why not...

• Shoot a short reel showing how quick, easy and streak-free mirror cleaning ✨ can be

• Show us before/during/after snaps of how you cleaned up garden or household mess 🏡 with Regina Blitz and share as a carousel

• Share action shots or videos – we’d love to see your Regina Blitz in action cleaning up a large spill 💦 on a hard floor

Clean a dusty car 🚗 quickly and easily with Regina Blitz

Just get creative and show off the functionality of your Regina Blitz household towels, inspire your friends and followers to get involved and ask #WheresMyReginaBlitz?

For other hints and tips head to your digital Project Handbook:

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@all: What are your first impressions about Regina Blitz?