Regina Blitz-ing with friends 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

We’re into week 2 and absolutely loving your feedback so far. It seems that Regina Blitz is every bit as sturdy and versatile as you were all hoping – woohoo! Your opinion matters so much to us and the Regina Blitz team and it’s been great hearing what you’ve had to say so far. Now, it’s time to share what your pals think.

lets-get-chatty Thanks for the fab shots trndsters ErikaGZ, Mariza, Chelsieleigh93, thecatwhisper and Erialc 🧡

Let's get chatty

As part of this project you’ve been tasked with gathering up your friends’ opinions. Think of yourself as a Regina Blitz market research expert 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ and share a (super-short) questionnaire with your pals every time you talk to them about the project. The link that you'd share is on your Dashboard:

Take me to questionnaire link

When to share the questionnaire?

Anytime you chat to friends about your new favourite household towel, share your link. You could send it via text, WhatsApp or even messenger on your favourite social media app – whichever is easiest – and they can complete on their phones there and then. 😉 Want some more ideas for when to share? Consider these:

  1. When a pal comes to dinner 🤗

    If a friend has popped round for dinner or a cuppa and you’ve demonstrated how useful and versatile Regina Blitz are, let them see for themselves and then send them a link so they can have their say right away.

  2. When you carpool 🚗

    Carpool to work or giving your neighbour a lift to the supermarket? Show them that Regina Blitz even comes in handy in the car. Ping your link over to them and ask them to give their feedback to the brand.

  3. Helping a relative with the housework 👵👴

    If you have a family member or neighbour who could do with a helping hand, why not show up with your Regina Blitz and let them know they can blitz the household chores without the need for multiple cloths, wipes and towels. Then, once they’re suitably impressed, send a link over so that they can share their thoughts.

Get on with the #ReginaBlitzIt challenge too!

We’re absolutely loving your pics, reels and stories so keep them coming.

We’re currently trying to choose a few of our favourite shares so far (definitely a difficult one!) so keep up the good work and share your posts with us. In a few days you'll see if yours made the cut! 😉 If you need to recap on our tips and tricks you know what to do...

... check the Project Handbook

Remember to use #ad #ReginaBlitzIt #ReginaBlitz #WheresMyReginaBlitz and tag @trnduk in all social posts so we don't miss them!

@all: What have you told your friends about Regina Blitz so far?