Let the journey begin!

Ready to start your Ticket to Ride digital journey? By now you’ll have downloaded the Ticket to Ride game and taken to the railroads to test your wits against online opponents, which means it’s time for your very first mission!

 Ticket to Ride Let’s get started!

Introduce your community to Ticket to Ride! It’s easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open up Ticket to Ride on your computer and take a screenshot of the game in action.
  2. Head over to Facebook or Twitter and share it with a description.
  3. What to say in the description? Tell everyone what you like best about the game and present the advantages of the digital game Ticket to Ride: chat function, quick set up, ability to play against players from all over the world at your level wherever and whenever you want…there are many of them!
  4. Make sure to use the #TTRFamily. 😊
  5. You can also record a part of your game and include it in a Facebook story to immerse your friends and family into the Ticket to Ride world.
  6. Once you have published your content, send us your creation!

Send us your URLs

Upload your screenshot

We can’t wait to see your posts. Bon voyage!

@all: What do you like most about the digital version of Ticket to Ride?