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Reviews are super important for gamers, and anyone thinking of trying something new. So, your mission in this fourth and final project week is to leave a review on Steam.

Ticket to Ride Now that you’ve had the chance to perfect your Ticket to Ride gaming style by playing friends, family and others online, the time has come to start writing your reviews!

If you're not sure what to say, don’t worry! We've got you covered.

The most useful reviews are the ones that contain positive, useful feedback. Aim to go into enough detail to give others a feel for your experience and explain what made the experience positive for you.

Consider the following:

• Do you enjoy playing Ticket to Ride online?
• How does Ticket to Ride digital compare to the physical boardgame?
• Have you played against friends and family as well as online opponents?
• Do you like the chat function that enables you to connect in real time?
• How did you fare against the different bots?

Think about what’s important to you when downloading new games and what you’d like to know if you were to consider purchasing Ticket to Ride digital.


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@all : What do you like most about Ticket to Ride Digital?