The final round!

We’re officially coming to the end of our project with Ticket to Ride and what a project it’s been! We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as we have!

The Ticket to Ride team has been delighted to see your engagement, enthusiasm and your overall activity on social media, and would like to say a big and warm thank you!

Now is your chance to directly give them your feedback via the final survey!

Ticket to Ride

Complete the final survey!

There's one final mission for you - share your thoughts directly with the team behind the game. You can do this by taking part in our final survey!

It will take a few minutes to complete, and it is one of the most important tasks of the project.

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Oh, and if you have posts you haven't shared yet, it's never too late! Share them on Facebook and Twitter with the #TTRFamily hashtag to let your followers know the journey isn't over.

Any posts you wish to share with us directly? You can still upload your social media posts right now!

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All that’s left to say is – thanks for taking part in this project and for being such committed Ticket to Ride Ambassadors.

We’ll see you on the railroad soon. 😊

To remind you!

The 10 Ambassadors who share the most posts on Facebook and Twitter will have the chance to receive :

  • a Steam key for a loved one
  • two DLCs: Europe and USA 1910

@all: What was your favorite part of the Ticket to Ride project?