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Image source: bloomberg

Nice to "meat" you!

Here’s a trend we didn’t see coming: 24/7 vending machines filled with raw meat. The Applestone Meat Co. has made vending machines that can be used at any time to get yourself a wonderful piece of fresh meat.

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Image source: urdesignmag

The secret to clean teeth is music

Teeth brushing time just got a whole lot better. No more chasing your kids down the hallway every morning and evening. No more dabbing a brush vaguely around your mouth for a few seconds.

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Image source: pingpong

Bags made of bottles

The German-based label pingpong offers high-quality bags and backpacks made of fabrics that place particular emphasis on sustainability.

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Image source: Dude

Catching Zs

The problem with many gadgets and tricks to help one sleep is that they're often band aid solutions that don’t address the root cause. The root cause being our stressed out, over functioning, exhaustingly ambitious minds that struggles to switch off or be content as they are. Sound familiar? The hardest thing for most people to do is to do nothing at all, which is a fairly accurate description of falling asleep.

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Image source: wareable

Tech for your tan

Now that the sunny days have arrived, most of us are making the transition from our alluring winter vampire look to our radiant summer glow. We have to tread carefully though - too much sun and we risk possibly permanent skin damage.

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A touching discovery

It's now possible to have touch interaction with almost any surface - not just our smart phones and tablets. Think of the possibilities.

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