Amazon Dash

So we’re a little torn on this one. We get it, shopping for certain things can be a bit of a chore. Going out to stock up on more washing up liquid or toilet roll isn’t ever going to be as fun as heading off to treat yourself to some new shoes. But could Amazon’s new ‘dash button’ be taking things a little far?

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Amazon Dash Button hope to keep you covered Running low? Press away.

So here’s how it works, each button you buy connects to your Wi-Fi and is programmed to automatically order refills right to your doorstep. If you see you’re running low on toilet roll, hit the button and you’ll be covered. Down to your last few beans of coffee? Hit the button and you’re covered… You get the picture.

Everyone wants an easier life but is this consumerism gone mad?

@all: So what do you lot think? Is this a great time-saving idea, or does it take laziness to new and unnecessary extremes?