A touching discovery

It's now possible to have touch interaction with almost any surface - not just our smart phones and tablets. Think of the possibilities.

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When was the lst time you used a phone with actual buttons? Touchscreens have made buttons rather redundant and have saved our dexterous hands from exerting any unnecessary energy. Touchscreen technology does, however, become very expensive to scale up in size and struggles to mould to complex shapes.

Bring in Electrick - the cheaper, more adaptable touch sense technology in the form of… wait for it… paint! How does it work? Carbon conductive paint is applied to the surface of an object, sensory electrodes are placed near the points of interaction, and finally a wee current is sent into the conductive layer. When something like a human finger touches the object it disturbs the current which signals the designated action.

This conductive paint has been applied to a wall with normal interior house paint applied overtop allowing a light to be turned on and off by simply touching the wall, and dimmed by sliding ones hand up and down. So there goes light switches - the death of all buttons and switches seems inevitable.

Imagine your typical Monday morning, fumbling to hit your snooze button. Now imagine simply tapping your bed head to induce more beauty sleep. There seems to be no limit to the possibilities.

@all: How would you use this wonder paint?

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