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Nice to "meat" you!

Here’s a trend we didn’t see coming: 24/7 vending machines filled with raw meat. The Applestone Meat Co. has made vending machines that can be used at any time to get yourself a wonderful piece of fresh meat.

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The current and predicted future success is due to the general lack of a consistent 9 to 5 work day; it's not always possible to be at the supermarket before it closes, at which point your only option is some greasy take-away. Applestone vending machines have been set up in Stone Ridge, NY where a whopping 70% of sales are now attributed to the machines.

Applestone are so confident this will take off elsewhere that they are investing in $30,000 vending machines that can hold as many as 1,000 items. Their aim is to get into cities, especially in areas considered food deserts.

Is this the start of a vending machine revolution? Will we be able to do a full supermarket shop through vending machines one day? Perhaps not, but getting a full meal from vending machines by putting a fresh veggies machine (and one with ice cream!) next to the Applestones’ machine would be quite nice indeed.

@all: What would you like to see in a vending machine?

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