Selfie Drones

Love them or loathe them, over the past few years selfie sticks have become a common sight across our towns and cities as people look to share their adventures (...or lunches) online. Now, their time might be up with the release of the selfie drone.

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The new way to take selfies? These flying cameras can hover around snapping pics and videos of you from a whole heap of angles. No longer do we need to wield around selfie sticks poking out the eyes of innocent passers-by.

With the cheapest drones available at a little over £20 and the more sophisticated models selling for upwards of £1000, there’s a selfie drone for everyone! Some you can wear on your wrist, others can chase you as you go hurtling down a mountain on skis helping you to capture your heart stopping antics for the entire world to watch in awe.

Whatever the choice, we expect to see plenty of these wafting around in the New Year!

@all: Is a selfie drone something you’d love to snap up?